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Who is Rideout?

Louis Rideout of Call Me Rideout Photography -- or Rideout as he is professionally known -- is a professional photographer, curator and recording artist/entertainer currently residing in Cincinnati OH

Creator of Cincishooters (2016-Present) • Owner of Call Me Rideout Photography (2017-Present) • Partner in Meraki Haus (2018 -2021) • Co-Creator of the Pineapple Day Party Series (Summers 2018 & 2019) • Co-Creator Cincy Nice Social House (BLINK! Event 2019) • Co-Creator New Future Dance Party (2021 CAC Gala, Concept Dance Party)

Who has he worked with?

• Cincinnati USA • Artworks • MORTAR • Cincy Experience • The Port • Cincy Nice • Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra • Meraki Haus • Source Cincinnati • Atrium Health Centers • Cincy Refined • Ohio Realtor Magazine (Cover/internal photography) • Mc Donald's • Mecca OTR • RSXGLD (album photography) • Door Dash 

What is he working on?


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